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Podręcznik LOC 550

Ćwiczenia LOC 600

ORIGINAL GUIDELINES given  to Helen Shucman and Bill Thetford (as relayed by Bill Thetford) for A Course in Miracles

1. A Course In Miracles was to be copyrighted in order to keep its thought-system intact.

2. A Course In Miracles is solely a self-study Course. Only Holy Spirit can teach its Meaning because the readiness of the student’s mind to receive its Revelation is known only to God.

3. A Course In Miracles was to be published only by those who devoted their lives to its guardianship.

4. A Course In Miracles was never to be commercially advertised as it will make its own way around the world.

5. Nobody was/is to make money off of A Course In Miracles as it is Love’s Gift to all and with exception of the cost of the books, Scholarships are to be provided for those who could not afford the purchase of the books. Other than that, no commerce is to involve Love’s Gift.